Backlight Control Module for GPS_LOG WinCE

requires GPS_LOG WinCE or higher, for Win Mobile5.


BacklightControl.exe is installed by default together with BacklightDLL.dll module. Installer puts it in the same directory as GPS_LOG WinCE program. When it is first run it generates "\My Documents\GPS_LOG WinCE\^GPS_LG^bkl.gbl" file that will contain backlight configurations. Before using the dll in GPS_LOG you need to generate these configurations one by one. Start the Backlight Control program. Switch to PDA backlight settings and set up the configuration you want make certain to set timeouts and brightness for battery and AC operation and whether you want screen clicks to turn backlight on or not. All that information is saved in a configuration. Return back to BacklightControl program by minimizing settings, type appropriate name in the dropdown list window and click "Add". Repeat the process to add as many configurations as you want. If you make a mistake, select the configuration in question and click "Remove". Configuration will remain on file, but will be inaccessible.

After you record configurations to file, you may want to click "Setup". This will open up an options dialog as in GPS_LOG WinCE. If you enable backlight control in it, BacklightControl program will behave as defined by the options. This options dialog does not control GPS_LOG program. You need to set GPS_LOG backlight options when running it.

After you are finished click "Done". You can return to BacklightControl at any time (except when running GPS_LOG WinCE) to add or remove configurations.

Download backlight module

    Windows CE 3.0   this should work on PocketPC2003 as well.

    PocketPC 2003  

     Windows Mobile 5

Last updated on 5 February 2008.