FAI logger modules for GPS_LOG WinCE

These modules allow one to transfer flight declaration from. They are available for Windows CE operating system 2.11 and higher. They are shareware (US$ 15). You can pay for it either via PayPal  using the buttons in each logger description, or alternatively follow instructions for payment are in the installation program. Please report any problems with installation or operation (for the latter -please make certain you have the right operating system version). Windows Mobile 5 installers have not been fully tested. Feedback would be appreciated.

In order to use these modules your GPS_LOG WinCE program must be version  ( for FLARM module ) or higher.


There are two ways to send flight declaration to your logger from GPS_LOG WinCE. By doing full competition declaration, or by declaring task from the task definition dialog. In both cases a dialog asking you to define observation zones comes up. Make certain that you click on the "FAI logger" checkbox if you want to transfer task to logger. RS232 configuration is the same as for NMEA stream.

If you declare flight from the task definition dialog, Pilot, competition class and ID, GPS and glider information used in last competition declaration are used. Competition site is marked "Unknown".

Unless otherwise noted below, task checkpoints and observation zone information are not transferred to logger.

Program gives you instructions on what to do and reports progress with message boxes. If one comes up you have to click [OK] to continue. While declaration transfer is in progress, the GPS data stream is not looked for. As soon as transfer is completed, normal logging resumes. As far as GPS_LOG WinCE is concerned, you can do the declaration in flight. Logger declaration is marked as a pilot event in GPS_LOG WinCE generated IGC file after it's own declaration is written.

Logger specific instructions and downloads:


This is fully operational version of the module. It was tested with a Compaq Aero1550, iPaq 3630, 3850, 3950 and Volkslogger 1.0 (hardware 3.4). If you experience problems, please let me know

updated  29 January 2008  to version WinMob5 updated 31 October 2009
download:      WinCE 2.11        WinCE 3.0 and PPC2003    WinCE HPCpro     Windows Mobile 5

Observation zones defined in declaration dialog are transfered to logger. 
Only FAI sectors are supported.
Data rate switches automatically to 38400 baud for declaration upload.
Task checkpoints are transferred to logger as checkpoints.

EW logger          

 updated  29 January 2008  to version WinMob5 updated 31 October 2009
download:      WinCE 2.11        WinCE 3.0 and PPC2003    WinCE HPCpro    Windows Mobile 5

For a picture of a possible electrical setup click here.

-Operation was tested with model D. 
-Data rate switches automatically to 9600 baud for declaration upload.
-Competition site, ID and class are written into user comment lines. 
-In the competition setup fill in the GPS type and make (FTY) field with text of the following form: gpsnameSN#gpsserialnumber. the SN# acts as a delimiter for information on the GPS to be transferred to the logger. 
-An additional dialog comes up during declaration transfer allowing you to set sampling time and user number.

-latest version implements logger date-time check and update. This feature has not been tested as well as it should. If it fails please report it. Failure may
invalidate your logs. Please let me know of any problems so that I can fix them for all users

EW Micro Logger          

 updated  16 December 2008  to version WinMob5 updated 31 October 2009
download:         WinCE 3.0 and PPC2003    Windows Mobile 5

-Operation was tested with PocketPC 2003 PDA. 
-Transmission occurs at the same data rate as GPS NMEA data from logger.
-User can enter task description and change GPS sampling time.
-Program creates EWmicroLog.txt file in "\My Documents" folder (or in root directory if there is a problem). This file is equivalent to EW_USER.TXT file and contains information sent to the logger.
-Baud rate setting is only for declaration upload. It does not change MicroRecorder setting. Please read documentation in the installer package for more information about this setting.

CAI 300 series


 updated  29 January 2008  to version WinMob5 updated 31 October 2009
download:      WinCE 2.11        WinCE 3.0 and PPC2003    WinCE HPCpro       Windows Mobile 5

Since logger data port is already connected to the computer and sends GPS data, there is no need to pause the program to manually set connectivity. Program does this automatically.

Program looks at the pilot data base in the 302 and determines if active pilot is identical (case insensitive) to one defined in the competition information. If they are different a dialog will appear to let user chose which pilot to set into the active pilot of the 302. If program pilot is selected, user also has option to define units used for that pilot. Other pilot related parameters are the defaults specified by 302.

Only pilot and declared task are transferred to 302. It is assumed that glider information is already in it.


 updated  29 January 2008  to version WinMob5 updated 31 October 2009
download:      WinCE 2.11        WinCE 3.0 and PPC2003    WinCE HPCpro     Windows Mobile 5

Computer has to be connected to GPS_NAV data port and be able to both read and write.

Task is declared to logger together with pilot name and glider ID. User has an option of defining units for GPS_NAV.

Declaration uses task 9. This task is defined by turnpoints contained in program task and declared. Task turnpoints are added at the end of GPS_NAV navpoint data base and contain "GPS_LOGtskP" in remark section. these navpoints are overwritten if they are at the end of database when task is declared again.

Presence of this module enables GPS_LOG WinCE to use GPS_NAV as the gps source (see GPS_LOG WinCE documentation).


Colibri , Posigraph, LX....

 updated  29 January 2008  to version WinMob5 updated 31 October 2009
download:      WinCE 2.11        WinCE 3.0 and PPC2003    WinCE HPCpro     Windows Mobile 5

Competition header information (pilot name, glider ID, competition class and competition ID ) is transferred to logger together with task. Characters comprising this information are filtered to a "safe set" (a..z and A..Z 0..9 *?'+#$). Characters that cannot be filtered are replaced by question marks. Task is entered into Colibri "selected task". It is not saved to list of Colibri tasks, so selecting one from the list will destroy the information.

This module was tested with LX7000proIGC, Colibri and Posigraph. It should work with LX20, DX50, LX5000,Lx7000.



Updated 26 April 2011, version
download:           WinCE 3.0    PocketPC 2003     Windows Mobile 5

This shareware version of FLARM module allows one to declare task to IGC compatible FLARM device. If you do not require this capability go to free FLARM module page to download version you need.

When declaring task you have an option to declare only task, or to transfer all competition information (pilot name, glider ID...). Once declaration is successful, FLARM unit is reset for the task to become active. If another logger module is installed, program asks you if you want to use FLARM as IGC logger.

Turnpoint names are truncated to 8 characters.