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   Flight Display   see also logger modules for Flight Display 

'Flight Display' allows you to display data from a GPS logger on images of sectional maps (or other maps with longitude and latitude line references), to plan and display soaring tasks, to evaluate data from your GPS recorder competition style against a predefined task, and to perform detailed analysis of your flight including detailed plots of thermalling activities, or flight track sections. Flights and tasks can be overlaid and displayed in different combinations. Resulting images can be copied to files, or printed. You need to provide your own bitmap images of maps. Program can also create a blank map if you do not have a suitable one. Flight Display provides means to calibrate maps (setup the coordinate system overlay). Map images are not needed for flight analysis, competition evaluation, nor for display of thermalling activities. Flight Display can also use bitmaps exported by GPS_LOG Win32 (for PC) version and higher

GPS data logs can be in any format supported by GPS_LOG family of programs, which includes the IGC standard. Turnpoints for task planning can be retrieved from files or captured directly from map images. Turnpoint files can be either in the GPS_LOG format, or in the TAB format available on the internet (see Turnpoints page). This program runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and Windows XP.

Flight Display can be used to help generate turnpoint data files or map files used by GPS_LOG. Coordinates on map images can be digitized and transferred to a text file.

This program runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and Windows XP

DEMtoBMP utility is a companion program included in the distribution package. Current version is You can use it to transform world elevation data available from the GLOBE project and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission into windows bitmaps. An associated map calibration file (*.flt) is also created. Data for this utility can be obtained from I suggest using the java map applet interface. More information can be obtained from You should download date in int16, freeND format for PCs *.bin and *.hdr files are used.

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (  ) elevation data are available at You need the DEM and HDR archives. These data are more accurate than those of the Globe project. Downloadable files are large and with fixed boundaries. They have extensions of *.dem or *.hgt.

Flight Display Images ( JPG format fairly large)

Image showing a task and a flight track log overlaid on a map with altitude trace showing  (400 kB)

Image showing analysis of above flight and details of one of the thermals (240 kB)

Download Flight Display for:
Windows XP and below   v1.9.10.7  Windows Vista and above  v1.9.11.0
Please read Install ReadMe.txt in the installation zip for information on program file association. The only functionality difference between v1.9.10.7 and v1.9.11.0 is that mandated by Vista operating system.

Some maps, calibration and turnpoint files sent in by others can be retrieved from here

If you'd like to be notified about Flight Display developments in the future please fill out mail list request.

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