FLARM support module for GPS_LOG WinCE


GPS_LOG WinCE provides support for FLARM ( www.flarm.com ) devices. To enable this functionality you need to install an additional module FLARM_DLL.dll. You can download this module from this page. This module requires GPS_LOG WinCE version or higher ( for OS2.11). Using them with previous version may crash the program.

Module version on this page does NOT support IGC logger functionality. If you require that, go to FAI loggers page to download shareware version.

Last update 13 June 2015. ( Change handling of PFLAE sentence to avoid locking the program interface. Error message is shown only up to three times 2 min apart for any specific error. Zone Alerts (data port 7+) are ignored and PFLAU sentence compatibility fixed)

Handheld PC (version not supported any more

Palm PC (version not supported any more

Pocket PC (version
  (use OS 3.0 for PocketPC 2002)

 OS 2.11 and higher

 OS 2.11 (menu on top)

 OS 3.0 (menu on bottom)

PocketPC 2003

FLARM module

FLARM module

FLARM module

FLARM module


Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 PocketPC

FLARM module

Documentation for this module is included in GPS_LOG WinCE documentation. Installer loads several sound files to your PDA. You are free to modify them as you want as long as you do not change file names. You need to keep the sound duration as short as possible.

FLARM is a safety device. This module enhances its effectiveness, but this is only an aid. Using this module you accept full responsibility for its performance and I take no responsibility for any outcome. Module was tested as well as it can be given available test data. This link retrieves a short NMEA file and a program that can be used to send that file to a PDA over RS232 link from a PC so that you can see how it acts without flying.  The program in the zip requires Visual Basic 6 runtime modules. If you need them you can download them from Microsoft.

I will appreciate any feedback concerning performance of the module as well as any suggestions for improvements.