International versions of GPS_LOG WinCE and Win32


Files that you can download from here provide resources that allow you to display information presented by these programs in languages other than English. Currently there are modules for Polish, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Italian in addition to English. If you are interested in providing translation for other languages, please contact me.

Windows CE devices are Unicode based, which means that you should be able to use any language module on any device (subject to right processor). Some of the dialogs and message boxes are operating system controlled, they will be displayed in the language of the device operating system.

For the PC version you have to have the right operating system language installed. On Windows 2000 machines you can switch it, though it is rather painful. 

The executable you are using has to be version or higher.

Select your language pack based on the processor and version of the executable in the table below.

  PC (Win32)
Installation instructions are included in the Readme.txt files in the archives.

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Babylon translation software

Translate into
Windows CE
installers available
  OS3 (PPC2000) or higher
English click here
Spanish click here
French click here
Dutch click here
German click here
Polish  click here
Russian click here
Italian click here

Please contact me if there are any problems with these modules. I am not able to test them on all processors.

Last updated :

PC version    -   19 May 2012 to current version 1.3.17.x 
PDA versions    -   11 June 2012 to current version 1.3.18.x 


My thanks go to all that helped with translation: Victor Gracia, Yuliy Gerchikov, Elmar Kümmel, Vincent Bredoux, Marco Haakmeester, Janusz Kesik and Arnaldo Salvaterra. Any errors and inappropriate usage are of my doing, but please point them out so I can fix them in later editions.