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This program was developed with a sailplane pilot in mind, but can be used in any situation that GPS position data are available for logging. It is a combination of a navigational aid with a moving map, needed altitude and speed to fly computations, and a data logger. Data are logged in a coma delimited, or International Gliding Commission formats. When logging in IGC format, the program can generate all necessary header and task as well as security related records. 

Original version was developed to run on a DOS operating system computers such as HP 100LX. This program is no longer being enhanced. It has been superceded by one running on Windows CE based devices. It is targeted for PocketPC (PalmPC) form factor which is more useful in glider cockpit, but version running on Handheld PC (with keyboard) form factor is also now available for OS 2.11 and higher. A fully functional program version for Windows PC is also available for training and file development purposes. 

If you are looking for software of this type running on Palm operating system take a look at SoaringPilot-Final Glide Computer.  The name similarity is purely coincidental (except for logical relationship).

News/discussion group. There is a Yahoo discussion group for GPS_LOG users

If you'd like to be notified about GPS_LOG WinCE developments in the future please fill out mail list request.


See a brief   description of GPS_LOG WinCE.

Complete manual for GPS_LOG WinCE

In English ( no-frames version ) v1.2.8.11
En Castellano  ( no-frames version ) v1.2.4.1
Auf Deutsch  ( no-frames version ) v1.2.8.11
En Francais (format Microsoft Word) v1.2.1.9
Po polsku  (To jest tylko częściowe tłumaczenie. Plik jest w formacie rtf ) v1.2.4.1

See documentation for the DOS version of GPS_LOG.

Click on the picture to see GPS_LOG in flight and an idea on how to mount it in your glider. Courtesy of Marco Haakmeester. 


Support for FAI certified loggers

Even though GPS_LOG WinCE is a complete logging solution adhering to all IGC standards that are possible on a WinCE platform, it is not certified as such by IGC. For situations where you have an IGC certified logger, you can use GPS_LOG WinCE to define flight declaration and transfer it to such a logger. You need a separate shareware module for that available from here. Currently FLARM, EW logger, Volkslogger, Colibri, GPS_NAV and Cambridge 300 series modules are available. Colibri module works also for Posigraf, LX7000proIGC and other LX... machines

Some maps, turnpoint files and conversion programs mostly sent in by others can be retrieved from here. These are provided "as is". I take no responsibility for their accuracy. If you feel like e-mailing me more files for putting on this server, e-mail them to me with any relevant information including whether your name on the web page (will appear as default as supplier) should be made into a link to some website.

How to generate map files if "I can not find what I need". An example of  a map that can be displayed by GPS_LOG WinCE is shown on the right. This is a composite image of a full map in the inset and a partial view as displayed by the PC version of the program. You can download this map. 

Some other examples -part of map of Germany available on samples page.

Part of South-East Pyrenees and Catalunya map also available from the samples page

(Click on the images to see full size). 

Other maps waypoint files and converters are also available on the samples page

Distribution package for the PC version of the program includes utilities that help map creation from internet available data.


Here is a link for some bitmaps that can be used for map symbols.

A link for user defined cursor bitmaps in shape of a sailplane. Courtesy of  Arnaldo Salvaterra
Another set of cursors (orange arrow). Courtesy of M. Treder.

Dr. Jack Glendenning (Dr Jack) produces soaring weather forecasts that can be used to generate GPS_LOG map overlays using BLIPtoMAP utility


Other people's programs that generate maps or provide waypoints data:

Welt2000  originally by Michael-Lorenz Meier, now Michael Köster (direct  program download)
All Airfields and turnpoints of the world and airspace from Europe including 350 glider airspaces.

Airspace and Eurospace by Carl Eckdahl
Airspace for North America and Europe. Requires use of  Fix-It program by Bart Jansen for full functionality.


Polar files for some sailplanes. Form various contributors. Updated  11 Jan, 2005

Included: ASK-21, ASW-15, ASW-19,ASW-20, ASW-24, DG100-1, DG300-3, DG505-20, Diamant16.5,  Discus-1, Foka, Grob-102, Grob-109, Janus-B, Jantar 2B, Junior, Ka2b, Kestrel-17, Kestrel-19, Libelle H201, Libelle H301, LS-3, LS-4, Mini Nimbus, Mistral-C, Nimbus-2, Nimbus-3D, Pegase, Pirat, Puchacz, PW-5, SF34, SZD 41, SZD48-1, Twin Astir, Ventus C, VSO-10 You can also try the following Excel spreadsheet to convert "3 point" parabolic data into a polar file readable by GPS_LOG WinCE. The archive with this spreadsheet includes also parabolic data for a variety of gliders.


Typical problems one runs into getting a GPS to talk to GPS_LOG WinCE. 

Unlikely, but possible problems and solutions.

For answers to some other common questions try this link.

Bluetooth compatibility: GPS_LOG WinCE was tested with iPaq HP1940 and a Pharos Bluetooth iGPS-BT unit. You should use the Bluetooth outgoing serial port for communication. In the above test case it is COM5 and 4800 baud. Program versions and higher are more reliable with Bluetooth connection than earlier ones.  Bluetooth was also shown to work in iPaq 2210 and Fortuna Electronic GPS combination. In some cases you need to check "Continuous" checkbox in NMEA setup for reliable connection

Please click on this link for some Bluetooth related issues.


Download latest versions. Choose appropriate processor, or package: 

Warning: I had a couple of reports indicating that this program may not run properly on iPaq hx2110 devices. Application hardware keys become frozen and unusable even after program exit. This problem was also reported to have been fixed - use alternate keys method in keys options.


GPS_GLID.ZIP (Version - updated 26 May 2001)

Windows 9x, Windows NT, ....

GPS_LOG Win32  (version   including  DAFIFtoMap (v1.0.0.13), ESRItoMap (v, DEMtoMAP (v

Windows NT(?), Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

GPS_LOG Win32  (version   including  DAFIFtoMap (v1.0.0.13), ESRItoMap (v, DEMtoMAP (v and ANSItoUTF8 (v1.0.0.1)

Windows CE

PalmPC (version

Pocket PC  OS2 (version ) 

Pocket PC OS3
PocketPC 2002


Handheld PC (version

 OS 2.01 (menu on top)

OS 2.11 (menu on top)

 OS 3.0 (menu on bottom)

 These have a keyboard

 for SH3 processor

all  processors (2MB)

 all processors (4.0MB)

all processors (4MB)

 for MIPS processor



this OS is no longer supported

this OS is no longer supported

 this OS is no longer supported

Windows Mobile

 Pocket PC 2003 and 2003SE  (version  (including VGA and 240x240 pixels screen devices)
use OS3.0 ARM/... above if this installer fails

for all processors   (1.5MB)

Windows Mobile 5, 6...  devices (version including VGA and square screen devices)

See an installation problem note

for all processors   (1.8MB)


iPaq 310 series (version Make certain to read instructions in Readme-GPS_LOG.txt file. Thanks to Klaus-Peter Renner who wrote supporting software.

iPaq 31x (1.5MB)

PNAs do not contain all the support functionality that is in Windows Mobile. GPS_LOG in principle will not run on them. The only chance is to use the PPC2003 version and add dlls contained in the archive linked to on the right to the \Windows folder of a PNA, or the same folder as the GPS_LOG executable.

In order to install the PPC version on a PNA you will probably need to extract CAB files from the archive, transfer them to a PNA, and execute them on the PNA.

Missing DLLs (11kB)

Example log file

  Program to clear "Can't execute gps_logwakeup.exe" system message (read the ReadMe.txt file in the zip)

Auxiliary modules

                                                          Real time position reporting module

 WinCE OS3.0 and higher only           Backlight control module

                                                          FLARM support module  updated 13 June 2015

                                                          FAI certified loggers support modules

 Pocket PC 2003 and higher only       Bluetooth module  Microsoft Bluetooth stack only

                                                          Microphone test for engine noise level recording

      For languages other than English

Note: the binaries for OS2.01 will run on the newer OS2.11 and OS 3.0, but are having problems with file dialogs. Suggested names do not show up and "All files" file filters may have to be used.

Above Windows CE programs are capable of producing a flight record compatible with IGC security requirements. The following link downloads a file verification program required by IGC, but GPS_LOG WinCE is NOT a FAI approved logger:

IF you are using GPS_LOG WinCE version or later you need to use validation program version 17 (posted  13 Nov. 2004) or later.

Download : GPS_LOG WinCE flight record verification program
.  Updated 6 Jan., 2010

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