Real time reporting module for GPS_LOG WinCE


When flying with GPS_LOG WinCE on a device with internet connection (e.g. through GPRS Web Access Phone) one can establish connection and report position to an internet server. Ones position and task information may then be made available in real time to other internet users. To enable this functionality you need to install an additional module GPS_LOGinternetDLL.dll. You can download this module from this page. This module requires GPS_LOG WinCE version or higher.

Pocket PC (version  (use OS 3.0 for PocketPC 2002, 2003)

Handheld PC (version

 OS 2.01 (menu on top) OS 2.11 (menu on top)

 OS 3.0 (menu on bottom) 

 OS 2.11 and higher
Not available Real time reporting module Real time reporting module Real time reporting module
Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC
(version , Jan. 2006 )
Real time reporting module

At this point this is an experimental module. If you download it and are thinking of using it please let me know, and please report how well it works for you. Details for operation are in the documentation.

Currently the web server that supports this capability is under development.  If you want to try it and that way contribute to the development please contact me. You can get a feeling for what the pilot sees when using this module by pointing the program at This script is reasonably dumb in that it saves only the last position information and last tasks. This script sends a confirmation message upon receiving a task. You should also see a message with session identifier right after a successful connection.

You can see current position and task reports generated by this script if you point your browser at This is also a primitive script, but it is active and reports activity from past 7 days.