Commonly asked questions

(about GPS_LOG WinCE that is)


1) Do you find time to do other work? 

Yes, but please read the documentation carefully before contacting me. I try to answer every message I get and it gets time consuming. If you found what you think is a bug, please e-mail me your files (waypoints, map, flight trace, task ... ) that would help me reproduce the problem. Try to reproduce problem yourself by replaying flight file and give me directions so I can reproduce it myself.

2) GPS_LOG WinCE reports altitude that is different from what my altimeter indicates. Why?

Altimeter indicates pressure altitude while GPS reports an "absolute" altitude. The difference between them can be substantial as you go higher.

3)  Why do I not see my waypoints on my map?

In GPS_LOG WinCE waypoints have nothing to do with the map. You have a map file with its format and waypoint file with it's own. That allows me and you to tailor the information for particular needs without cluttering the display and overwhelming the computer (especially the old models).

Waypoint format allows to display waypoints on a map if you really need to. Please read documentation.

4) I downloaded a *.map file from OzieExplorer site, but it does not work. Why?

Just because the extension is the same it does not mean that file format is the same. Please do not call me again :).

5) Why do you have such a complicated polar definition file? Polar can be simply defined by three values.

True, but how do you derive these three values? Most glider polars are not simple parabolas. GPS_LOG WinCE gives you opportunity to approximate your polar data with a parabola that you feel most comfortable with. You can compare the results of the fit to your data by examining the polar data file after it was processed by GPS_LOG WinCE.


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