This program was developed with a glider pilot in mind, but can be used in any situation that GPS position data are available for logging. It interfaces to any instrument that provides NMEA sentences for position, track, heading .... as well as Borgelt B50, CAI 300 series, Westerboer VW921 and LX160 instruments. Current position, speed, track on ground, distance and bearing to a waypoint destination and needed altitude are displayed in real time as well as other data. "Moving map" display shows the path traveled as well as task and waypoints created in flight overlaid on a pre-generated map. A zoomed display mode designed for thermalling is useful for centering thermals, observing drift and estimating wind aloft. Wind can be calculated from circling and straight flight data. Needed altitude can be corrected for winds and glider polar. The program logs track data in the IGC format, or it's own. It is also capable of replaying both formats for flight review. 

GPS_LOG WinCE provides support for competition flying, including assigned area task definitions. Software modules for declaring tasks to different FAI certified loggers are also available.

When logging in IGC format, it can generate all necessary header and task as well as security related records. If you need the security verification program (runs under Windows on a PC) please contact me.

This program is available for Windows CE 3.0 (Pocket PC) computers using MIPS, SH3, ARM, StrongARM and xScale processors, Windows CE 2.x (Palm PC) computers using MIPS and SH3 processors, and Windows CE Handheld PC computers using ARM, MIPS, SH4 and SH3 processors.

It relies on use of True Type fonts. Probably best to be used with Arial font (provided with the program). Some older WindowsCE machines do not support True Type fonts. In that case readability of information may be compromised. 

All efforts have been done to make this program bug free. However there are features in it that are at best experimental, and there may be some bugs.  If you notice any bugs, please contact me, so that they can be fixed for everyone.

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