Welcome to Soaring Pilot Software website.

On this site you will find various software related to soaring, and possibly some other stuff. 

Freeware soaring software

 GPS_LOG,   Flight Display,   BLIPtoMAP overlay generator, Magellan GPS format to IGC converter. Geoid computations.


Commercial soaring software

Flight Analysis,    VLtoIGC - Volkslogger utility and Flight Display module,   EWtoIGC - EW model D logger utility and and Flight Display module.

  RS232 serial port terminal

Shareware software:  
Programs included in the shareware programs section are fully functional with no nag screens nor limitation. They are distributed on honor system.

If you are interested in getting some (minor) program development done on a consulting basis please contact me and we'll see if it can be arranged.


Explore final glides 
This link will take you to a web page containing a final glide calculator. Your browser has to be able to run VBScript. You can use the calculator to determine how high you should climb in last thermal, and how fast to fly to finish depending on wind, climb rate in thermal and distance to finish site. You may find a surprise there.