One Pilot's Mount for GPS_LOG WinCE


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Picture was taken above the French Alps, approx. 26km east of Gap-Tallard.

General description

The mount I am using is made of plywood. Choice of materials was limited because I have very few possibilities to carry out any construction work. Wood I can work with on the kitchen table. The jpg file contains a sketch of the mount. If someone would like to copy the idea: the drawing is to scale.

Final result is a very cheap and adjustable system.


Basic idea is to use a flat piece of board. To prevent the pocket-pc sliding down I glued a small block at the bottom. Make sure there is enough space to the side for the connector to the GPS. I use two pieces of string to hold the pocket-pc in its position. These strings are already tied in a loop. In order to remove or install the pocket pc I slide it from the top. Theoretically in a negative G situation it could fly out, but I did not see any movement during any manoeuvre. I did not try loops :-). Hole spacing is a bit smaller than the pocket-pc width. (item 1)


A block of wood is glued to the back the panel. Two other pieces of plywood are glued to that block. Their shape is adjusted to give a slight angle. (item 2).

Panel attachment

The whole mount is fixed to an empty hole in the instrument panel. Behind this hole a piece of plywood is placed and fixed with bolts, as if an instrument. A block of wood is glued to the front of this piece of plywood for flange attachment. Important: Make sure to drill holes through the flanges (2) and the wood block before any of the three are glued. It is best to assemble the flanges and mounting block in their assembly position and drill through all three pieces simultaneously. When finished, it is possible to use two bolts to mount and demount the panel whenever required. (item3).

Finally: another panel was glued to one of the flanges for the GPS, following the same idea.



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