10th anniversary of GPS_LOG program

Brief history:

I started work on GPS_LOG in 1995 after getting my first GPS unit.  At the time there was no such thing as Windows CE and the computer the program was developed for was HP 100LX. It is a DOS machine. By the end of 1996 the program was being distributed on the internet both on the SSA sever run by Guenther Eichhorn and on Peter Bennett's GPS site. Initially it was a relatively simple. At that time the program included moving map function making it I think the oldest moving map gliding program.

Initial work on Windows CE version of the program started when the HP320LX came out running Windows CE 1.0. At that time the CE operating system was such a dog that I put it away and happily flew with my HP100LX. I re-started work on the CE version sometime in 1999.

Since I am not a competition pilot things like tasks, MacCready settings... got short shrift in my programs. I was interested in getting safely to where I was going and being able to decide where I could land. If I were sane I'd leave it at that. Unfortunately, users of the program kept asking for various "small" additions and I could never refuse the challenge of diving into my spaghetti code and satisfying their needs. As the result the program grew to what it is now. Competition ready, full of bells and whistles, fully user customizable piece of software. By my estimate it is used worldwide by a few thousands pilots (one can obviously question the number up and down).

10th anniversary special:

To celebrate the 10'th anniversary of the program and to answer people's needs to support gliding software development and to answer questions as to value I put on the program I decided to sell 10th anniversary registration for the program. For the price of $500 the buyer will get free download of the program, free support on the GPS_LOG Yahoo discussion group, and satisfaction of buying something.

  US $500