Unlikely GPS_LOG WinCE Problems


Program crashed, and now is crashing on startup

What happened most likely is that you are loading a map on startup that is causing the crash. Loading of a map on startup is controlled in miscellaneous options of the program. You need to remove the offending map file from your system or rename it to restart the program. If this fails, use GPS_LOGreset program to restore default settings.

I have a Bluetooth GPS and program hangs trying to connect

Before starting GPS_LOG WinCE turn on Bluetooth transceiver using your Bluetooth manager.

I have a Bluetooth GPS and program cannot open the port

Do you have TOMTOM drivers in your system? They have been known in the past to cause problems by blocking access to the serial port. Remove TOMTOM from the system and try again. One of the users figured out how to have TOMTOM Navigator and GPS_LOG WinCE coexist on an iPaq 2210. If you are not afraid of using advanced tools like Registry Editor then take a look at his notes on the subject.

There is also a program available that possibly fixes this problem. See CompeGPS site for details There is also more relevant information on CompeGPS site

Installation of PC version fails on an XP computer

Trying to install your program on a computer running XP may result in the following message "16-Bits MS-DOS-Under System Problem" It is probably a problem with the file "Autoexec.nt". One answer is to create it with notepad (make certain to select "All files" type when saving so that Notepad does not add .txt extension). Enter the following text:

 @echo off
 lh %SystemRoot%\system32\mscdexnt.exe
 lh %SystemRoot%\system32\redir
 lh %SystemRoot%\system32\dosx

and save the file to windows\system32 folder. Make certain you do not casually overwrite this file if it already exists. It should have been created during XP installation. The original should have additional text concerning SoundBlaster support.

Installation (upgrade) appears to fail on Windows Mobile 5 device

On some WM5 devices (specifically T-Mobile MDAs and E-ten X500) program will not run after installation. One gets a message that it is an invalid PocketPC program.  A variant of this failure happens when updated dlls are installed to the folder that the program resides in. In that case, whenever one brings up a dialog one has blank, or invalid values as entries and dialogs may be impossible to exit. There may also be other manifestations of this.

If this happens, copy Microsoft dlls (MFC90U.DLL,msvcr90.dll and atl90.dll) from the folder that the program is installed in (\Program Files\GPS_LOG WinCE by default) to \Windows folder. Take care to back up dlls already present in \Windows before overwriting them. Overwriting may "break" some other program. You may need to use PC file explorer while connected with ActiveSync to do that.

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